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We have One Vision - to see transformed lives. From the very beginning, we have been driven by seeing God's love and power in various ways transforming people's lives.

We have seen it in different countries, cultures and different contexts. We have the desire to see that people begin to believe in God and His love and begin to live a life filled with faith and hope. 

Morgan Carlsson started MoHI in 1992. The entire team has been dedicated to the vision that has been the foundation since beginning.

We have been invited to campaigns, conferences and other events throughout the years. 

We also conduct conferences and campaigns in our homecountry Sweden but also abroad. Our desire is to work together with local churches. So far we have been in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Poland, Russia, Latvia, Estonia, Togo, Benin, USA, Romania, India. Since 1992 we have many and dear relationships with churches and leaders. We are honored to have such many friends around the globe. 

We travel intensively with the vision and we are connected to the Pentecostal Denomination in Sweden, where Morgan also is a part of the pastorsorganisation.

Morgan Carlsson who started MoHI 1992 had an encounter with God who changed his life and together with his wife Maria he felt how the call of God in early years now went to a reality. Together they have stand side by side and the whole family has a desire to serve God. 

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Morgan and Maria have been married since 1990 and they have 5 children together, now adults. They have been in ministry since 1992 and have had the great privilege to preach and visit many churches. Since the start MoHI intensively have been travelling with the powerful Gospel and God has been faithful. 

Morgan and Maria lives in Northern part of Värmland in Sweden. MoHI has now been serving God in many cities and in many ways. Don´t hesitate to contact us for a conference, campaign or some event. The whole team in MoHI are dedicated to the vision.


We belong to the Pastorsorganisation in the Swedish Pentecostal Denomination since 1993.  

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Turn to the Swedish page and you will find the schedule for our national and international conferences and campaigns. 







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